The birth of the brand

I am a big fan of slippers, coming from a family where slippers were always worn at home in the cold months. Even now, whenever I see someone walking barefoot on cold ground, I hear the words that my father used to say: put on your slippers! My mom always made sure I had lovely looking and comfortable slippers at home, in kindergarten, school, and at the gym.

Connecting brands and ideas

Our True Passion

I now have two children myself. When buying slippers for them, I always make sure that they are not hard and uncomfortable (they should feel like bare feet), that they are made of natural and breathable materials, that they fit perfectly and, of course, that they look cute and match the children’s preferences regarding colours and motifs, so that they are happy to wear them without me having to constantly remind them.

In their kindergarten I was shocked to see how many children wear slippers made of artificial materials, uncomfortable slippers, plush slippers, and so on. A child’s foot cannot develop normally and healthily in such footwear, especially when being worn for several hours day after day. Slippery or unsecure slippers may also lead to accidents – once it happened that a boy form my daughter’s kindergarten group fell very badly and hit his head on the edge of the table due to inappropriate slippers.

This got me thinking… and soon after that incident, I decided to create my own brand of comfortable, soft, beautiful and affordable leather slippers, in which the feet of our children will develop healthily and the feet of the adults will feel comfortable.

About the slippers

Our leather slippers are made of natural sheepskin, so they let your feet breathe, and at the same time you have the feeling of bare feet because the material is so soft. Some slippers are also lined with natural sheep fur. Sheep fur is known for warming in winter and cooling in summer, so slippers lined with fur are suitable for all seasons. Due to the natural composition and airiness, the feet do not sweat in the slippers and there is no unpleasant odour.

Children spend a lot of time in slippers, so the choice of children’s slippers is very important. Natural materials and shape enable a comfortable feeling and healthy development of children’s feet.

The Baby soft line of children’s slippers is suitable for our youngest ones, the Gym slippers are also great for indoor exercise, as they fit the foot nicely, allow it to breathe and give the sole the feeling of bare feet. All children’s slippers are equipped with two anti-slip pads on the outside of the sole.

As far as maintenance and hygiene are concerned, slippers are not demanding, they should only be wiped with a damp cloth. The fur slippers can be washed by hand and air-dried.

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Top quality

Our leather always comes from the EU and meets all EU standards.


All Zopati products are handmade.

We listen to you

If your shoe size is larger than 45, then send us an email and we will make your slippers entirely to measure.

Other products:

For your maximum comfort, we also offer several other products made from natural leather and fur:

  • Warm fur leather mittens of all sizes, made of natural sheepskin and natural fur. Due to the double insulation, they are suitable for the coldest days of the winter
  • Leather insoles for shoes of all sizes (from number 18 onwards), suitable for all seasons. One side is made of natural sheepskin, the other side is made of natural sheepskin fur. In this way, the insoles can be turned to one or the other side in accordance with the seasons, as the fur warms us in winter, and in summer the leather part of the foot gives us a pleasant feeling in the shoes. The insoles adapt quickly to our sole, they are soft and durable. They can be washed by hand. Standard sizes.
  • Slipper-shaped hanging storage attachment to hang on your door or on the wall, suitable for storing all your slippers. According to your wishes, it can also come with an inscription (slogan, logo, family names, company name, etc.) You can also order the large slipper-shaped storage attachment together with slippers, on its own or together with the same or different types of slippers.

Leave us a message

    All slippers, shoe inserts and mittens can be custom-made according to size (extremely large or small feet or hands), with an inscription of your choice (name, surname, nickname, company name, etc.), or a print of a  we can print a flower, a smile, a heart … anything you wish! Let your imagination run wild and make unique slippers just for you, your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers or business partners.